About Us

We at Giddy Up to Africa have always had a love of horses & riding, animals & Nature's wonders & environment.  What better way to experience all this, than riding a noble horse in a natural environment with the amazing wildlife of Africa.

This is an experience we are so passionate about in 2011 we decided we needed to share the opportunity with as many other horse and Nature lovers that we can.

That's why Giddy Up to Africa came into being.  Horse riding in Africa is too good a secret to keep.

Over the years we have spent time visiting different locations and hand selecting our riding safari operators.  Each one has been personally selected for their quality of safari horses, their loveand care of their horses and the African wildlife and environment and their attention to details and quality guides and guest care.

As we have grown, we have also entered the traditional safari market and have been able to develope a unique portfolio of safaris and adventures that are not always available in packages purchased "off the shelf" from general travel agencies.

Our safari outfitters have also been hand picked for their inovative and unique set itineraries for vehicle safaris, walking safaris and canoeing safaris.  They have access to exceptional locations and authentic style safari accommodation.  Our outfitters are also able to provide the flexibility to accommodate our bespoke private safaris and their small group safaris are genuinely that with a max. of 6 to 12 guests and minimum of 2.

Giddy Up to Africa is proud to be able to offer you the choice of intense wildlife safari locations, each different in what it has to offer but each complimenting an overall African Safari experience.  From Namibia's red dunes, the child friendly Waterberg South Africa, iconic Okavango Delta Botwsana the magnificent Victoria Falls Zimbabwe and ever special, unique and wonderous location inbetween in the south and the Serengeti Tanzania, Masai Mara Kenya and gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda in the east,  we have a single location or combined journey to tantalise you.

Our riding Safaris are not the only options, Giddy Up to Africa can also offer traditional driving safaris, overland adventures, walking in the wild, canoeing safaris and even mountain bike riding in the wilderness.

Giddy Up to Africa can tailor an itinerary to meet your African dreams, visiting the country of your choice, or a combination of destinations and variety of Safaris and other activities.

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